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Bébé Sokar
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french - girl - 23 - lyon, france vancouver, canada :)
musicology student finished - cook & pianist!
addicted to tv shows, classical and rock music
Music | Against me!, Alexandre Tharaud, An Horse, Beethoven, Billie Holliday, Brandi Carlile, Cat Power, Chopin, Danny Helfman, David Arnold, David Robertson, Jean-François Zygel, Joe Hisaishi, John Williams, Joseph Arthur, Katie Herzig, Malena Ernman, Natalie Dessay, Nygel Kennedy, Patti Smith, Ravel, Tegan & Sara, The Beatles, The Cranberries, The Diskettes, Steel Train

People | Alan Rickman, Amanda Tapping, Amber Benson, Anna Torv, Bridget Regan, Hayao Miyasaki, Juliette Binoche, Nicole Kidman, Renée O'connor, Sedgewick the dog, Sigourney Weaver, Torri Higginson, Whoopi Goldberg

TV shows | Bones, Buffy the vampire slayer, CSI Las Vegas, Dexter, Doctor Who, Farscape, FlashForward, Fringe, Futurama, Glee, Lip Service, Skins (s3-4), South Of Nowhere, Stargate Atlantis (s1 - s3), Stargate SG1 (s1 - s8), The L Word, The Simpsons, The United States of Tara, Torchwood, True Blood, V, V(2009), Xena: Warrior Princess

Movies | 4 minuten, But I'm a Cheerleader, Gremlins, Immortel ad Vitam, Jurassik Park, Lord of the Rings, Sister Act, Snow Cake, The Piano, West Side Story, となりのトトロ, 天空の城ラピュタ</br>
Books | Biography, Harry Potter, Nietzsche, Sandra Scoppettone, Shakespeare, Tolkien

Other | Banana, Canada, Chinese Food, E.T, Bruce (my MacBook), GarageBand, Green, My piano, Organ, Photoshop, Storm, The Laughing Cow, Vancouver
Do not repost any of the fanarts without permission. Feel free to ask in a comment and see if I agree.
Of course, do not claim this art as yours. Do not hotlink the fanarts. Thanks for your comments and your credits.

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